4 Examples of Effective Graphic Design Blogging

Are you a Graphic Designer with an interest in blogging? Do you wonder where you ought to start? If so, you may find some valuable inspiration in the articles listed below.

If you have tried Graphic Design even once, it is likely that your decisions were informed by a number of influences. There is no shame in acknowledging that we are inspired by others. In fact, one should focus on gathering the best influences. Here are some interesting posts that exemplify a range of Graphic Design blogging styles:

1) First Round – “Spotify’s Design Lead on Why Side Projects Should Be Stupid” (Inspiration + Profile + Interview)


This inspiring post, which doubles as a profile and an interview, draws from the insight of Spotify design lead Tobias Van Schneider. Van Schneider reached his respectable position by daring to have confidence in his efforts. Even after being rejected by design schools, he continued to give his seemingly insignificant side projects the attention that he knew they deserved. Van Schneider emphasizes that the value of a good side project lies in the trust of its owner and hard work, rather than its size. This post offers valuable insight for any creative dealing with self-doubt.

2) Just Creative – “The 2014 Logo of The Year + Runner Ups” (Memes and Projects)


The “Just Creative” blog is the work of Jacob Cass. This particular post featured his 2014 Logo of the Year poll among the blog’s readership. Out of all the interesting designs, American Table Cafe and Bar‘s minimalist logo garnered the highest number of votes. It is worth noting that the poll has 690 votes and 16 comments. At the bottom of the post, Cass offers readers a chance to nominate designs for upcoming Logo polls and offers a free eBook on Logo design. It seems that Cass has done a great job of engaging his audience and fostering community.

3) Creative Bloq – “3 Reasons to Get Excited about Design Indaba” (Informational + List + Profile)


This informational post discusses Design Indaba, a prominent, annual South African design conference that will be underway this week. For those who are interested, the post profiles three design experts who will appear at the event: Dan Weidan, a prominent designer in the world of advertising; Emily Oberman, a “proudly multi-disciplinary designer with a penchant for adding a twist of humour to her work”; and Stanley Hainsworth, a former creative head and branding expert for Lego, Nike and Starbucks. Design Indaba will be an exciting event indeed.

4) David Airey – “Outgoings in Design Self-Employment” (Informational)


In this informational post, Irish designer David Airey addresses one of the most underappreciated concerns for self-employed designers. Ironically, these concerns are often underappreciated by self-employed designers themselves. He encourages his fellow independent designers to treat their work like a business and consider their cost of operations/living. He includes various expenses such as designer tools, housing, and transportation. His tone is professional, yet it evokes the tone of a conversation that one might have with an experienced colleague over a drink.