Freelancer’s Life

Freelancing is truly a self-exploratory venture. It forces the freelancer to evaluate the their principles, self-worth, and confidence. The freelancer must know their craft and their market on a deeper level than they might otherwise. A freelancer cannot do their skills justice without effective communication, but their words mean very little without their skills. Freelancers must speak for themselves through work and word.

In addition, freelancing is an exercise in both vulnerability and responsibility. Although everyone has brushes with those, freelancers often have their feet a bit closer to the fire to the truths of the professional world. The stakes are higher for an independent.

They must have the courage to ask for opportunities that may not even be readily offered. Freelancing rewards initiative, but not without persistence. They must use their both of those principles to expand their network. Only their network will be willing to reach out to them in earnest.

A freelancer ought to plan out their process and protect that process legally. They must examine the terms of their work. They can benefit from being able to boil down the creative process to cold terms of agreement for their documentation, such as invoices or contracts. For many creatives, seeing the creative process objectively is difficult. However, they must ultimately see theirself as others see them. They are not special; but their work and the insurability of their reputation is.